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Why Velux loft conversions are so popular

One of the most frequently requested loft conversions is a cost-effective and straightforward Velux loft conversion, as it allows for conversion without altering the roof structure. The windows are installed in between the rafters within the sloping roof.

Velux is the brand name, and they are also known as skylights and roof lights, but Velux is synonymous with them in the same way Hoover is to vacuum cleaners. There are many benefits to Velux loft conversions which we’ll explore below.

The benefits

  • They are highly versatile and available in a range of shapes and sizes
  • They are moderately easy for an experienced builder to fit
  • They require little maintenance and are long-lasting
  • Fewer structural alterations are needed
  • They are economical and provide plenty of light for a converted loft
  • Planning permission isn’t necessary for a Velux loft conversion
  • You can use them in combination with standard casement style windows for increased light flow

Types of Velux windows

Other skylight manufacturers are available, but most use the same opening style. Some of the most popular Velux roof windows are the centre pivot and top-hung, while they even offer a compact roof window with a built-in balcony for those wanting to experience the high life. Whichever design you opt for, the durability and quality of these skylights will ensure you receive value for money.

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