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Should you stay or should you go?

When your family starts to outgrow your existing home you will be faced with a decision: do you call the estate agents or the builders? The majority of people will choose to move, but it may not be the right choice for your family. There are many reasons for staying put, and we’ll outline some of them here. For over twenty years, we’ve learned all the compelling reasons why some people choose loft conversions over stamp duty.

Impact on family life

Moving is stressful for everyone – adults, children and even pets. Aside from the physical aspect of moving, you’ll also need to consider what you leave behind. Friendships, family and social structures are disrupted at best, which can have a significant impact on children. Sometimes, it’s most helpful to improve and not move.

Save time and money

Buying a new house is time-consuming and expensive. There’s no getting away from that. House prices in Abingdon and Oxford far exceed the national average, and that’s before factoring in the eye-watering estate agents fees. Researching the places you potentially want to live in also requires many hours of work.

Any new home might not be perfect

What could seem like the ideal home may not always turn out that way. When you view a house, even a couple of times, you can still overlook potential pitfalls that require remedial work. It could prove that any time, money and effort spent on a new property might as well have been put to use on your old home.

Increase the value of your existing home

If you choose to call the builders instead of moving, you would add value to your home. Given the gradual increase in house prices in recent years, renovations like loft conversions are sound investments.

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