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Five characteristics of a great builder

Undertaking significant building work such as a house extension or loft conversion is an important decision and costly venture, so it’s crucial to get the first step right in selecting the best builder for your project. A portfolio of past work and oodles of experience goes a long way to proving a builders worth, but below, we’ll advise the other characteristics of good builders you need to have on your radar.

Positive energy during consultancy

If your project requires some structural alterations and additional extensions, you’ll likely employ an architect. If you can find a builder willing to have input during the consultancy phase and work alongside your architect, it will boost unravelling any practical or structural issues.

Effective and consistent communication

If you’ve requested a quote for a building project, or you’ve already agreed to hire a builder, and the communication is slow, unclear or completely lacking, then you can still opt-out. Effective communication should be a given for any business, especially when operating in the construction trade, where timelines are critical.

How long have they been trading?

When doing your homework on potential builders, look for the length of time they’ve been operating and their relative experience on their website. It’s improbable that bad builders of ill repute will stay in business very long.

Their reputation

Nowadays, the internet is awash with review sites that provide anecdotal evidence of other people’s experiences with particular builders. These give an excellent guide to a builder’s reputation, but to dig deeper, ask if they use any sub-contractors who you can contact to double-check their reputation.


When dealing with any builder during the early stages of a project, they should seem engaged and eager to ask questions. Their desire to exceed your expectations should shine through with their enthusiasm for the job.

Of course, here at Abbott Building Services, we possess all of these traits and more. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote for any building work, small or large.