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Are house extensions in Oxford and Abingdon worth the money?

When we think of home renovations, house extensions are usually the first concept that springs to mind. There are many reasons people choose to have house extensions constructed, but one of the questions we encounter most is whether they are worth the money. In this article, we’ll provide some answers to this query so that you know what you’re getting into when you hire a builder for a house extension.

Will it increase the value of your home?

There has been abundant activity providing statistical data on the impact of extensions on house prices, and typically they do increase the value. However, the percentage increases can depend on which research papers you review, the type of extension your builder has constructed and the location of your home. Houses in Oxford and Abingdon have seen rises above the national average, so it’s fair to assume a house extension is a good investment in these areas.

What is the objective of the extension?

There are generally two types of homeowners needing an extension – those looking to renovate a home and make a quick sale and profit and those needing extra space for a growing family or accessibility reasons. If you are flipping a property to make money, it’s advisable to research some of the other properties in the area that have sold and the type of extensions they have. For those seeking a builder to help create an extension to provide a bigger family home, you should bear in mind a house extension won’t always be appealing to potential buyers. If your circumstances change and you want to downsize, but your house extension is quite bespoke, you may find it harder to sell than if you moved to a bigger home.

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