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A Guide to House Renovations

With an already inflated Oxford housing market and an upward trend for house prices still maintaining its dominance, a lot of homeowners are looking to renovate their existing property rather than uproot and move.

If you want to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom or any other room, but are unsure where to start, we’ve assembled a handy Abbott Building Services renovation guide. So don’t be daunted at the prospect of remodelling, embrace it and create the home you desire.

Decide the priority renovations

If you have just one area that requires work, it’s an easy decision to make. However, if there are necessary renovations in multiple rooms, you need to prioritise. Trying to tackle too much at once is likely to lead to various areas being in an unfinished state. Try looking at it in terms of usage. The kitchen is more of a priority than a hallway due to the everyday activities that occur in it. You need to ensure that your Oxford home will still be liveable during the renovations.

Decide on a budget and stick to it

When you have fixed your priorities for the remodelling, you will need to look carefully at what you can afford and set a budget. Fitting a new bathroom or kitchen will cost more than refitting a spare bedroom, therefore budget for the large jobs first before beginning less critical tasks. Undertaking more significant projects first will give you a viewpoint on what is achievable with your budget. Also, hold back a little of your funds in case of any unforeseen expenses during the renovation.

Research thoroughly

If creativity and ideas elude you then looking for inspiration in other areas is a fantastic way to work out what you want. The internet is an excellent source of design concepts for you to evaluate, likewise design magazines. If you are a tactile person, you may benefit from visiting showrooms and show houses in Oxford to feel the variety of contemporary and traditional materials used in new homes. Being in the presence of modern interior design will help you comprehend what will work in your home.

Sound out potential contractors

When it comes to picking a contractor, Abbott Building Services can help. Even if you are competent at DIY, there will be some jobs that require a professional tradesperson due to the complexity or dangerous nature of the work. We have the relevant skills, experience and knowledge to complete any house renovation to the very highest standard, and in-line with all current building regulations. We would always advise potential clients to obtain more than one quote. By doing so, it allows you to compare the difference not only in price but also the services provided.

Take time to reflect

Even if you feel that the designs for the renovation are final, take some time to let them digest. Try to grasp what living with a newly designed kitchen or bathroom in your Oxford home would entail. You may find that you think of ideas that you haven’t previously considered. After a few weeks, you will be ready to dive into the project.

DIY or professionals?

Now you have the plans in place, and you’re confident that this is the look you desire for your home. Now you need to decide whether you will undertake the work or give it to the experts. Doing the work yourself will allow you to budget more for the renovations. Still, it will also take a significant amount of time and can be stressful if you hit a snag, or things don’t go to plan.

Hiring a team of experts will cost you more, but it could also relieve a lot of pressure. If you do opt for professional builders, then ensure that you have a signed contract. Any contract for home renovations should detail exactly what they will do, outline the work schedule and provide an itemised cost.

The next step

If you have recently purchased a crumbling shell of a house, or if you want to upgrade an existing property, we can help. We offer an expert and reliable service and can provide free quotes for any property renovation. For over twenty years, we have supported the people of Oxford to realise their dream homes with affordable and high-quality work.