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A Guide to House Extensions

If you are considering adding an extension to your property in Oxford, it’s generally for one of two reasons: space or access. If you have a growing family or an occupant with limited mobility, an extension can be the answer to your needs.

Where to start?

When contemplating extensions of any kind, it’s best to ascertain how your house can be modified to suit your lifestyle better. Think of all the current problems with your home and imagine how you would use the extra space. If you find it helps you can make a list or a diagram of what the additional rooms might feature. Noting the dimensions of your biggest room will give you a realistic starting point.

What type of home extension is possible in Oxford?

As long as there is enough space in which to extend, any home extension is possible within reason. The type of extension you opt for can be dictated to an extent by the size and design of your property. A typical Oxford terrace house will usually have a side extension. Primarily because the space is so limited, but also the outrigger kitchens that characterise this property type project at a ninety-degree angle to rest the building, creating an unused space. If you have a wealth of land at the back of your property, then rear extensions can create vast new rooms. Wraparound and L-Shaped extensions also offer opportunities to maximise redundant space and interior areas. Two-storey extensions usually provide better value for money than single-storey extensions, if your budget allows. Space, house design and budget will ultimately decide which manner of extension you have, but there are still many options to consider after that.

Creating your extension

When thinking about how your extension will work, you need to be mindful of how it will be incorporated practically and stylistically. The available space will determine the size, but how the interior works will be down to what you want and need. You will need to consider the flow of the space between existing and old. If the extension is for extra bedrooms, you will probably want to close off the area. An extension for a kitchen or home office though could work better with an open-plan approach.

Choosing how you illuminate your extension with natural light plays a significant function in creating the right atmosphere. With the type of extension, there are restrictions, but with windows, doors and roof lights you incorporate, the options are plentiful. An extension gives you the chance to install glorious panoramic windows or internally glazed doors to produce a stream of light. How you layout the internal space will have the most significant impact on how the extension works for you.

Building your extension

When you have a concept of how you would like to transform your house, it’s advisable to seek help from the experts. At Abbott Building Services, we are one of the few construction firms that offer a comprehensive start to finish approach to house extensions. Once the architect drawings and structural engineering designs are complete, we will ensure they comply with all current building regulations. We can also help with any planning application that might be needed. Permitted developments rights cover some smaller extensions, meaning that planning permission isn’t always required. In the last twelve months, permitted development rights have been further extended to homeowners to support the construction of extensions in existing properties.

Complete project management in Oxford

We will oversee every aspect of the construction of your extension, including all plumbing and electrical work. We only use our builders, never sub-contracting, so we never jeopardise the quality of our work. Health and safety are always of utmost importance to us, as well as ensuring that we use the best quality materials at the best price.

Investing in an extension to your home can be a costly but worthwhile venture if done correctly. At Abbott Building Services, we have over twenty years of experience in Oxford, creating home extensions, large and small. We approach every job with the same customer-focused mindset, doing our best to incorporate your ideas into any construction while delivering a functional space. If you own any residential or commercial property in Oxford and want to extend it, call our team for expert guidance.