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House Alterations In Oxford And Abingdon By Qualified Builders

Experienced in all aspects of domestic building works, our builders undertake all types of property alterations in Oxford, Abingdon and the surrounding areas.
Abbott Building Services have helped people find practical solutions for house alterations for over 20 years in the Oxford and Abingdon area. We provide a comprehensive service for any type of building alteration with our professional team of expert bricklayers, roofers, electricians, plumbers, plasterers and decorators.
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Types Of Alterations

Some of the most common house alterations involve the removal of load-bearing walls. Removing an interior wall can be a great way of opening up space rather than the more expensive options of building an extension or moving. The removal of load-bearing walls or chimney breasts requires structural calculations that need approval from the Local Authority Building Control. Similarly, any walls removed which form a protective escape route through the property will require additional fire detection to be up to code. We possess an encyclopedic knowledge of all the current building regulations which means you will have peace of mind that your house alterations are in capable hands.

Why Choose Us?

If you employ our services, all of the work carried on your property will be undertaken solely by ourselves. We don’t employ sub-contractors which enable us to ensure the quality of our work remains exceptionally high. Our team of experts will work professionally and tidily to ensure the minimum of disruption to your house so you can still go about your everyday business. Our pricing structure is competitive and offers genuine value for money. So give us a call today for expert advice on house alterations in Oxford and Abingdon. Our team of dedicated and friendly professionals will be happy to help.
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